Weber S-330

Weber S330All new for 2011, the Weber S-330 is the top of the Weber Genesis line.

The Summit series is bigger, but unless you’ve got an army to feed, the Weber S-330 is going to be plenty big. The Weber S-330 differs from its sister, the E-330 in a few key ways. You could sum it all up in two words, though, STAINLESS STEEL, and lots of it.

The Weber Genesis S330 is available in both propane and natural gas models, as are all of the Genesis and Summit models. Check out this cool video to see many of this fine grill’s many features up close.


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Weber S-330 Review

What are people who just bought the Weber S-330 saying?

Summing It All Up

  • “You will not be sorry that you bought this grill.”
  • “Basically, it looks nice, cooks well, and will last a long time!!!”
  • “I’m very satisfied. Construction is way better than any other grill I have seen for the price.”
  • “My new Weber S-330 looks good, is very solid and works great.”

Deciding Which Features You Need

  • “I need the side burner for bacon in the morning, because I hate smelling bacon all day in my house.”
  • If you are hesitating between the Weber S-310 and Weber S-330, “The side burner is something nice but not a must have, but the searing station is a must if you want to make great steaks!”

Easy Assembly

  • “Assembly requires many steps, but it is a straightforward job that can easily be handled by just one person.”
  • “I built mine myself and it went together well.”
  • “As a mechanical engineer, I can testify for the quality of this item. The packaging was perfect. Assembly instructions were idiot proof.”

Repeat Buyers

  • “We replaced our 10-year old smaller Weber gas grill only because we wanted a larger model. The old grill is going to our nephew and is still in great shape. This is what you get when you buy a Weber.”
  • “I bought this as a replacement for my 11 year old Weber Genesis.”

Function Follows Form

  • “The meat tasted incredibly good. I will never go back to charcoal grilling again.”
  • Grill preheats in less than 5 mins at 50 deg F, that was to 550.
  • “Cooks wonderfully, is built like a tank and has the best warranty”

Value for the Money

  • Although Weber grills are not cheap, “The Weber S-330 really is worth the extra money.” Just like the old saying goes, “You get what you pay for.”
  • “I’d rather pay more and use it for a decade than having to change every two or three years.. WEBER is a great quality brand.”

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Quick Video Demonstration of the Weber S-330

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