Is the Weber S310 Right for You?

Weber S310Poring through pages and pages of reviews from owners of the Weber S310 grill, the most thing that most impresses me is that there are very few complaints.

People LOVE their Weber S310 grills.

Most common raves are for quality of construction and awesome grilling performance.
Weber eliminated the biggest complaint with a minor re-design for 2011 which moves the burner controls off the side and puts them on the front.

Some people find assembly a bit more challenging than others. But even those who found it took longer than they’d hoped were delighted for the opportunity to see first-hand the quality of parts and construction as they put the grill together.

Here’s are some highlights of what folks had to say.

What Are People Saying About Their Weber S-310 Grill?

  • “Grilling with this product is fantastic. This is the best grill I have ever owned and I’m glad I own a Weber Genesis S-310.”
  • “You might find cheaper grills or bigger grills for the same money or higher BTUs but overall, I think you’ll be hard pressed to find a “better grill” out there.”
  • “Excellent grilling. Sturdy. I’m glad I spent the extra for the stainless. I was pleased that it came with stainless cooking grates as well.”
  • “Plan a couple of hours for assembly, but easy to follow instructions. Putting it together made me appreciate the quality of the grill and it’s sturdiness.”
  • “I’m very pleased with it’s performance! I’ve grilled a variety of meats and vegetables and it has done an excellent job. It does get hot on high -600 degrees or better (great for searing steaks).”
  • “I was apprehensive at ordering such a large product from Amazon but amazed at how fast I got it and the store perfect condition it arrived in.”
  • “This grill has exceeded all of my expectations and I would not hesitate to recommend it to anyone.”
  • “This Made in the US grill is a solid as they come, with excellent build quality, packaging and user documentation.”
  • “WOW, what a great grill! This grill is HEAVY and I love it being stainless steel. Cooks everything evenly. The grill works great.”
  • “The only ‘downside’… you have to purchase a LP tank separately.”

One man sums it up this way:

I hesitated to spend this much money on a grill, but my friend has had a Weber just like this one for a couple of years, and it still looks brand new. My friend uses his grill at least 4 times a week, even in the dead of our Illinois’ winters. His gave his previous Weber gas grill, which he had had for about ten years, to his daughter and son-in-law because it was still working well. So, I decided to spend the extra money and get a grill that I thought would last, and I’m glad I did.


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Weber s310 for 2011

The Weber S310 has gone through some minor design changes for 2011. Most notable is the relocation of the 3 burner controls. They are now placed on the front of the grill, freeing up additional space on the right hand work surface, where the controls used to be.

As of this writing, you can still find some of the 2010 model year Weber S310 grills available for sale on Amazon, in addition to this year’s model.

One of the very few complaints owners of past year’s models have cited is that they’d prefer to have the controls up front to free up that additional workspace, and clearly the folks at Weber were listening and have taken the suggestions into account.

On the other hand, if the additional workspace isn’t important to you, there may be some better deals available on last year’s Weber S310 model.

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See How Easy It Is to Clean the Weber Genesis S-310


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Is the Weber E310 Gas Grill Right for You?

Weber E310The Weber E310 is the most affordable of the Weber Genesis Gas Grills. All Genesis Grills have 3 burners for excellent heat control and high temperatures to get the perfect sear on your steaks and chops. They are noted for being easy to clean, durable and reliable. And if anything should go wrong, parts are easy to find.

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  • Top quality “Made in the USA” construction means years of trouble free use
  • Heats evenly and quickly, and produces food so delicious that it makes you look like a 5 star chef
  • Designer colors match your decor. Available in Copper, Green and Black
  • Available in both Propane and Natural Gas versions

Weber E310 Review

Here’s what folks who have bought the Weber E310 have to say:

  • Excellent product. I now see why there are so many recommendations for a Weber grill.
  • Worth every penny!
  • The Weber  Genesis E-310 is the best grill I have ever owned.
  • After a full summer of using our new Weber E310, we couldn’t be happier.
  • I have used lots of grills. This one blows them all away.
  • Everything that I have cooked on the grill has come out awesome.

One woman is ecstatic, saying, “Everyone thinks that I have become an exceptional cook. I have to explain to them that the grill is MAGIC. I simply put the food on, turn it a couple times and take it off. No real flare ups, even heat… magic.”

Another buyer went to great lengths to explain:

“Why I Love My New Weber E310″

“The reasons I settled on this grill are as follows:

“The Weber E310 firebox is cast, not thin sheet metal. This should be the first thing you look at on any new grill. Look at the material the firebox is made of, this most likely will determine the life of the grill.

“Another huge plus are the stainless steel burners. Made to last, and Weber stocks replacement parts, unlike the big-box stores with their Made in China grills.

“And the frame is welded not riveted. If you wanna see the difference this makes, next time your in a box store, grab one of those riveted grills and torque it back and forth a few times… it will feel like a flexy cardboard box. This grill feels solid.

“Still another reason is that the side tables are sturdy. Same test as above. Get a big guy like me to push on your side tables and see how solid they are.

“The Weber E310 excells at all these tests. It feels like quality, and it feels like a grill that will last.”

It Can’t Be All Good – What Don’t People Like?

The only negatives people have mentioned about the Weber E310 grill relate to putting it together. Some people love the instructions, others say they could use improvement.

Some people are able to assemble it in less than an hour, while for others it takes an afternoon and a few cold beverages to get the job done. To get a better idea of what it’s like to assemble, check out the video below.

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Welcoming a New Weber E-310 Home

In Summary

Everyone loves the quality of these Weber Grills. Stainless steel models are also available (the S-310) as are models with additional side burners (the S-330) and other cool features. Click below for more information and reviews, or to buy a Weber E310 at an awesome price right now!


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Weber S-330

Weber S330All new for 2011, the Weber S-330 is the top of the Weber Genesis line.

The Summit series is bigger, but unless you’ve got an army to feed, the Weber S-330 is going to be plenty big. The Weber S-330 differs from its sister, the E-330 in a few key ways. You could sum it all up in two words, though, STAINLESS STEEL, and lots of it.

The Weber Genesis S330 is available in both propane and natural gas models, as are all of the Genesis and Summit models. Check out this cool video to see many of this fine grill’s many features up close.


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Weber S-330 Review

What are people who just bought the Weber S-330 saying?

Summing It All Up

  • “You will not be sorry that you bought this grill.”
  • “Basically, it looks nice, cooks well, and will last a long time!!!”
  • “I’m very satisfied. Construction is way better than any other grill I have seen for the price.”
  • “My new Weber S-330 looks good, is very solid and works great.”

Deciding Which Features You Need

  • “I need the side burner for bacon in the morning, because I hate smelling bacon all day in my house.”
  • If you are hesitating between the Weber S-310 and Weber S-330, “The side burner is something nice but not a must have, but the searing station is a must if you want to make great steaks!”

Easy Assembly

  • “Assembly requires many steps, but it is a straightforward job that can easily be handled by just one person.”
  • “I built mine myself and it went together well.”
  • “As a mechanical engineer, I can testify for the quality of this item. The packaging was perfect. Assembly instructions were idiot proof.”

Repeat Buyers

  • “We replaced our 10-year old smaller Weber gas grill only because we wanted a larger model. The old grill is going to our nephew and is still in great shape. This is what you get when you buy a Weber.”
  • “I bought this as a replacement for my 11 year old Weber Genesis.”

Function Follows Form

  • “The meat tasted incredibly good. I will never go back to charcoal grilling again.”
  • Grill preheats in less than 5 mins at 50 deg F, that was to 550.
  • “Cooks wonderfully, is built like a tank and has the best warranty”

Value for the Money

  • Although Weber grills are not cheap, “The Weber S-330 really is worth the extra money.” Just like the old saying goes, “You get what you pay for.”
  • “I’d rather pay more and use it for a decade than having to change every two or three years.. WEBER is a great quality brand.”

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Quick Video Demonstration of the Weber S-330

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